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If you have very dry or sensitive skin, or even suffer from eczema, this soap is exactly what you’ve been praying for! Rejoice as you’ve found 100% natural, nourishing, deeply moisturising and soothing hand-made soap that’s rich in luxurious butters and oils which repair the skin, promote its elasticity and protect it from harsh environments in the most loving and tender way. The soap owes its beautiful appearance to organic Chlorella powder, which has been scientifically proven to promote skin healing and reduce inflammation. Its subtle comforting scent, with gentle notes of white chocolate and algae, comes naturally from the ingredients which are superfoods for your skin :) Once your skin beauty has been restored, you’ll find yourself going back to this soap again and again because, honestly, who can ever have enough TLC ;)
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Although all feel great soaps are completely free from synthetics (including fragrance oils, so please take note when shopping for hand-made soap online or at your local market), I wanted to formulate a very special bar of soap, which would tick every single box imaginable for somebody with skin problems or highest sensitivities. After very long research and multiple tweaks to my original recipe, I fell in love with the final result (and, so that you know, I don’t fall in love easily ;) ) Reading scientific articles and personal accounts on how certain ingredients can make a significant difference to one’s skin is one thing; testing it out for yourself is quite another! You have to take into consideration not only the oils and butters used in a recipe, but also their ratios (I don’t skimp on goodness!), as well as the quality and the source.

Please rest assured that the coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, apricot kernel oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil (and the list goes on) I used to make this gorgeous soap are all unrefined, certified organic and come from sustainable sources. So that you can benefit most from the amazing properties they all have, I happily used generous amounts, steadfastly refusing to minimise cost! You are more than welcome to read up on how beautifully healing apricot kernel oil is for damaged and dry skin, how effective avocado oil is at improving skin elasticity, how magnificent shea butter is for locking the moisture in and protecting the skin’s natural oils, how beneficial chlorella is for wound-healing – but I want you to actually get results from using this soap.

Yes, natural hand-made artisan soap is great for even the most sensitive of skins, as it cleanses ever so gently with soft creamy lather, conditions thoroughly and supplies vitamins and minerals to support skin health and promote suppleness. After using this soap, you’ll never want to go back to mass-produced, conventional shower gel or even body-wash, simply because your skin knows better and you can tell the difference!

While I realise that TLC soap will not directly reduce your stress levels, or improve your diet or sleep, I strongly believe that you couldn’t make a better choice for your skin by switching to this pure, all-natural, gentle and long-lasting product.

Average weight:  96 grams


Organic extra virgin coconut oil, unrefined organic cocoa butter, unrefined organic shea butter, organic extra virgin olive oil, unrefined organic avocado oil, organic sweet almond oil, organic cold-pressed unrefined apricot kernel oil, organic castor oil, lye, organic chlorella powder.