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You can see “the smiling daughter of the storm” (aka rainbow) in this beautiful soap on any day! Perfect as a hand or body soap, it gently cleanses and generously conditions the skin and makes an impressive present for anyone in need of a smile :)
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I had to use a ton of patience when creating this pretty soap, as I kept repeating to myself “Richard of York Gave Battle In Vain”. I’d occasionally use the Russian mnemonic too and, believe it or not, the result remained consistent;)

I chose to scent this soap with palmarosa essential oil because of its remarkable moisturising effect on the skin and the ability stimulate cellular regeneration and regulate sebum production, as well as its stress-relieving properties, which are supported by the grapefruit essential oil that has been documented to relieve muscle fatigue, water retention and tone skin and tissues. This bar of soap will lift your mood, help you recover and nourish your mind and body in a subtle yet noticeable way.

Average weight: 95g


Organic extra virgin olive oil, organic extra virgin coconut oil, unrefined organic shea butter, unrefined organic cocoa butter, organic castor oil, lye, palmarosa and grapefruit essential oils, cosmetic grade mineral powder.