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Not just any cupcake! (Very Limited Edition)

This unique artisan soap will wow any mother, wife, fiancée, girlfriend or daughter with its elegant beauty, delicate aroma and luxurious lather. Every one of these soaps is one of a kind and received a lot of love and attention while being created – one petal at a time. However, the proof of this cupcake is in the using – soft, fragrant bubbles gently clean the skin, leaving it supple, moisturised and nourished.
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If you find yourself drawn to this soap, you must have excellent taste! To create an authentic-looking rose, I spent many joyful hours with very temperamental matter (whipped fresh cold-process soap) to pipe out individual petals, that eventually formed a beautiful flower that oozes charm, elegance and grace.

Rich in deeply-conditioning oils and butters such as cocoa, shea, mango and almond, this all-natural soap produces a generous, soothing lather that is perfect for any skin type but will also greatly benefit those with delicate, dry or mature skin in need of extra TLC. Due to true organic Ceylon cinnamon powder that gives the cupcake base its mouth-watering look, it’s now possible to achieve an ever-so-gentle exfoliating effect even for the most sensitive of skins to promote healthy circulation and rejuvenation.

The subtle yet delightful scent of pure lemon and ylang-ylang essential oils uplifts and restores feelings of joy and happiness, bringing about alertness infused with relaxation and sensuality. 

Average weight: 97g



Organic extra virgin coconut oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, unrefined organic cocoa butter, organic almond oil, organic castor oil, organic Ceylon cinnamon powder, lye, lemon essential oil.


Organic extra virgin coconut oil, unrefined organic mango butter, unrefined organic shea butter, organic sunflower oil (infused with home-grown organic rose petals), organic castor oil, lye, lemon and ylang-ylang essential oil, cosmetic grade mineral powder.