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New baby

Just like any new baby, each bar of this incredibly mild, most nourishing soap is unique and adorable. It contains the highest amount of the precious avocado oil that you could find in any handmade soap because new babies are… precious and in need of nourishment. Free of essential oils, yet with a subtle comforting aroma from its natural components, New Baby soap is perfect for gently cleansing your baby’s (or your own) sensitive skin. This soap has superior moisturising and regenerative properties that make it especially beneficial for healing dry, flaky, itchy eczema-prone or mature, sun and weather-damaged skin.
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“A new baby is like the beginning of all things – wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities”. Eda J. Le Shan

With this New Baby soap you couldn’t have asked for a milder, more nourishing bar to wash your worries away, and soothe and support your baby’s body. This gently-cleansing and extra-conditioning soap comes in various shapes – butterfly, crown, dinosaur, train, to name but a few. Bath time has to be fun, so should skin care be. As the little creamy bubbles kiss your baby’s bum (or your face!), it feels like a fairytale, except the magic never goes away once playtime is over – the skin feels soft, smooth, soothed and silky afterwards.

Before finalising the recipe for this soap, I spent a very long time researching, experimenting and fine-tuning the formula as well as the actual process. The result is “baby soap”, not “baby cleanser” or “wash”. The latter are “tear-free” products, but in order to be such, they have to be made from non-soap surfactants, which, unfortunately, are derived from petroleum :( However mild these petrochemicals might be, they remain what they are – petrochemicals – synthetics that are harmful for human health and the planet! It makes complete sense to use natural gentle soap on your baby’s body and keep it away from their eyes to have peace of mind…

What makes New Baby soap so amazing for their skin is that it contains no harsh, artificial ingredients, such as preservatives or fragrances. Instead, it’s packed full of the highest quality (edible!) oils and butters, that have been used for centuries to moisturise and protect the skin by feeding it vital fatty and amino acids, vitamins A, B, D, E and K, minerals and anti-oxidants.  I generously added all of them in the best proportion possible to achieve the soap I cannot wait to use on my own babies!

Average weight: varies (depending on shape)


Organic extra virgin avocado oil, organic extra virgin coconut oil, unrefined organic cocoa butter, organic extra virgin olive oil, organic castor oil, unrefined organic shea butter, lye.