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My Fair Lady (Women’s Shaving Soap)

Shaving is now officially enjoyable with this super-creamy, moisturising, beautifully scented shaving soap that will leave your skin as smooth and soft as silk. No more razor burn, cuts or irritation as attested by most sensitive skins, instead – effortless gliding of the shaving head along the contours of your body, nourished by the creamiest of lathers imaginable that is synthetic-free and luxurious.
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This unique shaving soap is the culmination of my two-year quest to create a bar that would outperform any conventional shaving foam, gel or cream while containing only natural ingredients that are skin-loving and hormone-friendly. After numerous prototypes, failures and breakthroughs, I’m finally happy to present “My Fair Lady” that is sure to wow you with its unassuming (modest) look, subtle, sultry scent and lavish properties.

Unlike clays that are sometimes added to other natural shaving soaps to help with the glide, the silk powder added to this soap doesn’t blunt the razor; instead, it enhances its performance. The lather is so dense and stable (please feel free to use a sponge or a shaving brush) that when left to sit on a soap dish overnight, it still keeps its volume and properties!

This soap outscores any other soap I’ve ever created on creaminess: I wouldn’t stop tweaking the recipe until I arrived at what my husband called “Amazing! I can’t believe this stuff is completely natural!” shaving bar and yet it is! The best part is that this soap is so nourishing and gentle, that it can be used as a luxury soap for very dry and sensitive skin, and anyone who’s in too much for a rush to moisturise after the shower ;) Every time that I use it, I have to pinch myself that I made this shaving soap with my own hands, and then admire how smooth and silky my legs are afterwards. I want you to experience this amazing goodness too, so please hurry up before all the bars are gone!

Average weight: 66g


Organic extra virgin coconut oil, unrefined organic cocoa butter, unrefined organic shea butter, unrefined organic mango butter, organic castor oil, unrefined organic avocado oil, silk peptides, lye, lavender, palmarosa and patchouli essential oils.