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Magic stain remover bar

What's the magic? Simple, effective and long-lasting (due to its molecular structure), this stain remover bar will amaze you with its power to banish stains even when conventional harsh powders and liquids have failed to do so. Use it as an instant stain remover or a prewash treatment, knowing that it is 100% pure and natural and cannot hurt either you or whatever you're getting clean. Free from anything unnecessary, the Magic bar has been made with love to make your life easier and brighter.
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Inspired by my cloth bum baby son, this stain removing bar is my go-to when it comes to any stains that life with a messy baby/toddler brings. Be it dirt, food or nappy surprises, the bar always lives up to its name, that others who tried it christened it with!

Tough on stains, this perfectly sized and shaped wand erases stubborn unsightly stains from all types of fabric - some have successfully used it on carpet and upholstery, although most common uses are clothing and nappies!

All you need to do is rub the bar on a stain with some water and rinse. Repeat this simple action for tough stains and when you're challenged by a monster of a stain, rub some more bar onto it and leave it. Yes, that's all there is to it. Walk away from the offending item, make yourself a cuppa, relax (I wish!) and completely forget about it, only to return to its shadow or even nothing. Busy mamas, myself included, have been known to simply leave it till wash day - et voila, the stain is gone by the time the laundry is finished.

No need to make a crumbly paste that goes everywhere, no need to time it because this natural bar won't damage or bleach fabric, and no need to overthink it because all the thinking and tinkering has already been done for you. Organic, unrefined, sustainable, vegan, pure natural ingredients packed into a sleek, long-lasting, cold-processed, handcrafted bar that is kind to your family and the planet.

Average weight: 55 grams


Distilled water, organic extra virgin coconut oil, lye.