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Named after the well-known style of Russian folk art, this soap has a luxurious look and silky feel (quite literally, as it contains pure silk fibres), leaving your skin smooth and soft. This hand and body soap is great for the whole household and leaves a lasting impression on guests too.
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With this soap, you’ll own your piece of Russia and my heart too as I poured it into this batch. You see, my birthplace happens to be where this style was invented :) Khohkloma colours and shapes symbolise a happy life, prosperity and well-being that I wish you to have! I used 100% silk in this soap that hydrates, moisturises, soothes skin and helps it regenerate. Palmarosa and fennel essential oils give the soap a unique subtle fragrance that nourishes and calms the nerves, digestion and helps balance out hormones.

Average weight: 103g


Organic extra virgin olive oil, organic extra virgin coconut oil, unrefined organic shea butter, organic castor oil, silk peptides, lye, palmarosa and fennel essential oils, cosmetic grade mineral powder, raw organic cocoa powder.