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You cannot possibly go wrong with getting somebody you love a feel great soap gift card. Unlike with any other high street shop gift card, you’ll never be perceived as unimaginative or indecisive. Instead, you’ll become that lovely person who really cares about their friend, partner, or family member, because thanks to you they’re going to be pampered with 100% natural, bespoke goodies of their own choice from the wide range of feel great soap which caters for all needs, preferences and wishes!


Feel great soap gift cards for £5, £10 or £25 suit any type of occasion, either to say thank you, surprise with a thoughtful present or impress with a generous gesture.

The unassuming recipient gets a sweet, moderately entertaining email letting them know that they have this amazing person in their life (you, of course ;) ) who has given them the opportunity to choose natural, handmade feel great soap that will revolutionise the way they go about their skincare. Feel great soap breaks all rules by having an indefinite expiry date on each gift card, so that the lucky gal or chap doesn’t feel under any pressure to use up the card balance. This becomes more than just a material gift – it’s an experience present that is sure to bring them a lot of joy, starting with browsing through the funny yet accurate descriptions of feel great soaps, setting their heart on what appeals to them most, receiving their goodies, beautifully wrapped, in the post (which, according to feel great soap family members always feels like Christmas), enjoying the multi-sensory experience of actually using the product, and finishing with creating a great topic for conversation next time they see you and/or get a compliment on how clear, smooth, silky and youthful their skin looks! Every time their feel great soap is used or even seen, it reminds them of your kindness and fills their heart with gratitude and appreciation, which has been scientifically proven to lead to more happiness :)

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