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Create beautiful, calm and even energy with this fascinating, colourful round soap that fits your hand perfectly, smells gorgeous and endows your skin with nutrients, moisture and protection against negativity and environmental toxins. Ideal as a symbolic present for anyone, including yourself, who seeks more beauty, order and calm in their life.
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Ever find your life being too chaotic, with never quite enough time for self-care? This soap is exactly what you need (I’m serious)! The very appearance of this vibrant soap reminds you of the cosmos – the universe as a well-ordered whole, to which you belong. Yes, you’re a part of something truly fascinating, infinite and beautiful and when you consider this, your mind softens, expands and relaxes.

Cosmic soap is infused with an energising, yet soothing anti-anxiety blend of pure essential oils that I’ve been working on for a long time, to create the perfect balance of Bergamot (the oil of self-acceptance), Grapefruit (the oil of self-honouring), Ylang-ylang (the oil of the inner child) and Thyme (the oil of releasing and forgiving). I took extra care to get the highest quality FC (furocoumarin, bergapten)-free bergamot essential oil I could find, because bergamot oil with FC in it can be phototoxic (cause sensitivity and pigmentation, when the skin it’s been applied to is exposed to sunlight). In case you’re wondering, removing bergapten doesn’t affect the amazing therapeutic properties of bergamot essential oil ;)

I had to tweak my original recipe for Cosmic soap multiple times to achieve a highly-conditioning effect, while maintaining the soap’s plentiful soft bubbles. I even took it with me while travelling, to test out how it’d work with different types of water hardness – and I’m happy to report back that it performed just as beautifully in Florence and Barney, Norfolk as it does in Peterborough ;)

If you’re still not completely psyched about this soap, let me share one more curious fact about it: this skin-nourishing soap contains three oils that start with C (Coconut, Castor and Cocoa) and three oils that start with S (Safflower, Sunflower, Shea), alongside the oh-so-rich-in-antioxidants, deeply moisturising Olive oil. As you’ve probably guessed, the choice of these oils and butters wasn’t determined solely by their names, but rather by their remarkable ability to cleanse gently yet deeply, soothe and condition, and protect and rejuvenate the skin.

Average weight:  85g


Organic extra virgin olive oil, organic extra virgin coconut oil, unrefined organic shea butter, organic safflower oil, organic sunflower oil, organic castor oil, lye, bergamot FC-free, grapefruit, ylang-ylang and thyme essential oils, cosmetic grade mineral powder.