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The entire bespoke feel great soap range, made by hand from natural ingredients of the highest quality. This soap will change your world - welcome to our house!

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new baby mild nourishing adorable handmade nourishing soap peterborough uk
£5.99 View

New baby

travel size organic artisan handmade soap peterborough uk
bespoke artisan handmade natural cupcake soap peterborough
cute conditioning moisturising unique handmade Polka dot soap peterborough uk
£4.69 View

Polka dot

nourishing moisturising luxurious manly softening lubricating sensitive gents shaving soap peterborough uk
luxurious decadent revitalising sensual uplifting Pure silk soap peterborough
£6.99 View

Pure silk

fun moisturing stimulating soothing stress-relieving Rainbow soap peterborough
£4.99 View


natural moisturising hair growth Rapunzel shampoo peterborough
£4.99 View


luxurious calming sensual handmade artisan Relaxation soap peterborough
£5.19 View